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Eczema/ Atopic Dermatitis - Skin Rash Doctor - Mt. Lebanon, PA

Eczema is the most common form of dermatitis, affecting 35 million people in the United States alone. It also affects patients of all ages, from babies to older adults.

At Mt. Lebanon Dermatology Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to provide chronic eczema treatment to patients of all ages. Our team of dermatologists will help design a personal treatment plan that revolves around what’s right for you.

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Eczema Treatment for Children & Adults - Pittsburgh, PA

The board-certified dermatologists at Mt. Lebanon Dermatology Associates have over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating eczema in all age groups. Our specialists work with each patient to determine eczema triggers and come up with a personalized treatment plan to reduce exposure and alleviate symptoms. Schedule an appointment online to be seen by one of our physicians!

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FAQs on Eczema: 

What is eczema?

Eczema is the widely-known term for atopic dermatitis, a common and chronic condition marked by red, itchy spots on the skin. These patches can also blister, weep, or become scaly, and different patterns can appear on the skin depending on the age of the patient. 

Who commonly suffers from eczema?

Eczema can occur at any age, but children (including babies and toddlers) are most vulnerable to the condition. As previously stated, eczema flare-ups can take on different patterns and symptoms depending your age:

  • Infants often display dry, scaly eczema which can be distributed all over their bodies, though cheeks are often the first area to be affected. Due to moisture retention, the diaper area is usually not of concern for babies.
  • Toddlers tend to show eczema in more localized areas, especially on or between the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. Your toddler may also be scratching these areas, making them appear particularly raw.
  • School-age children usually have eczema localized between the elbows and knees, as well as the neck, eyes, ears and scalp. Eczema tends to improve as children age, and may even clear up by adulthood. Note: At this age, some patterns of eczema may resemble ringworm, so be sure to see your dermatologist before beginning any at-home treatment!
  • Adults who continue to have eczema usually show symptoms that are more dry than in children, though the affected areas remain localized. Adults may also suffer from recurring staph infections and become especially vulnerable to irritant contact dermatitis (particularly from water, cleaning chemicals and other irritating substances).

What is the best treatment for eczema?

Generally speaking, patients suffering from eczema will need to determine trigger factors (commonly environmental or food-related) and reduce exposure to these triggers. We can also provide you with the appropriate moisturizers and topical steroids to treat your specific symptoms. Every case is different, and with our personalized, patient-first approach, the team at Mt. Lebanon Dermatology Associates can help develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Does eczema ever go away?

Because every individual is different, it’s difficult to say whether or not childhood eczema will persist into adulthood. However, studies have shown that only 20% of children with eczema were still struggling 8 years later, and just 5% of cases persisted beyond 20 years.